Pharmacists have the education and training to provide a set of clinical services that is desperately needed in our communities. Benri Health provides the infrastructure local pharmacies need to cost-effectively implement these services. Benri Health is a flexible, scalable "pipeline to payment" solution for pharmacies.

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Health Systems and Physician Practices

Partnering with the pharmacists in your community helps relieve burden on health system professionals while at the same time providing easy, convenient access for patients and improving health outcomes.  But historically it has been too difficult for health systems and independent pharmacies to collaborate.  Benri Health is changing that.  

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Payers and Accountable Care Organizations

Building a high-quality, low-cost network to care for your patients has never been more critical.  Payers have long recognized the quality of independent pharmacies, but credentialing and contracting a large number of small organizations has – until now – been overly cumbersome and impractical.  Benri Health is changing that – building the infrastructure to support flexible and dynamic networks with low administrative overhead.  And Benri Health can even help you keep your provider directories current for participating pharmacies.

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It’s never been more difficult for employers to maintain a healthy, productive workforce. Partnering with Benri Health’s participating pharmacies provides sponsoring employers with clear actionable data and insights. Contact us to learn about:

  • On-site Vaccination Clinics
  • Vaccinate or test program implementation
  • Tailored networks optimized for your employees
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Nothing matters more to us than the health of the patients and families that gain access to care through Benri Health.  We provide solutions and services to the organizations that serve you, but make no mistake, you’re our customer, too.  Benri is Japanese for easy and accessible, and that is what we believe health care should be.  Your personal health information should be easily accessible.  Getting the care you need should be easy, too.  We’re providing tools and technologies to help our clients improve the lives of their patients.

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Patient management software that does more

Software and services that make it easy to deliver clinical services and process payments

Why Benri Health

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We're on a mission

Our mission is to improve lives by making access to health care convenient and easy in every community.  

From making an appointment to understanding a bill, today's health care system is overwhelming for consumers. And it's not just the patients and caregivers who are frustrated. Burnout from complex systems and administrative workload is driving doctors and nurses out of medicine, compounding the critical shortage of primary care. From managing chronic disease to appropriate immunization to reproductive health, there is too much at stake to wait.  And as we strive for health equity, we must acknowledge that each of these challenges disproportionately affects disadvantaged communities.  We can do better, together.

Benri is Japanese for accessible, convenient and easy. To us, it means providing every patient with timely access to care from trusted professionals in their community. It means giving patients the information they need to manage their own care, and making it easy to securely share.  Effective information sharing is key to the collaboration needed to achieve the best possible health outcomes in every community.

Benri Health is partnering with pharmacies, physicians, health plans and employers across the country to achieve our mission. Contact us to learn more.

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Support your community by providing vaccinations, wellness screenings and monitoring for chronic conditions. Our HIPAA-compliant platform enables schools, businesses, or public health departments to easily manage these services to solidify your role in providing comprehensive care to patients.

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